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Prior to 1924 there was no Methodist church in the Town of Highland. This was before Highland became a part of Greater Hickory. Methodists from this section, as well as people of other denominations, had been holding worship services in the Highland YMCA building. This buidling was located in the Shuford Mill Village and Shuford Mills had generously offered the use of this building for worship services. Reverend M. A. Huffman, a Methodist minister, had been conducting these services. He was blind and at that time lived in Brookford. It was necessary for him to walk from Brookford to Highland, led by a young boy, to attend the services.

In this group of people were a number of Methodists, and the desire for a Methodist Church continued to grow until they were able to get the Methodist Conference to send someone to organize a church. Reverennd Robert Stafford and his wife came. Through their hard and faithful work, combined with that of the group of Methodists, they were able to form a church on Jully 13, 1925. There were the charter members.

After the group organized as a Methodist Church, they held services in a tent in the summer, and in the fall they held their services in the Highalnd School building. The origianl name of the church was "Stafford Memorial Methodist Church," in memory of Rev. Stafford, who organized the church. Shortly thereafter the name of the church was changed to "Highland Methodist Church."

The first Sundary School Superintendent was Mr. James R. Bowman.

The proeprty on whic hthe home of Mr. and Mrs. Truman Sherrill was located was selected as the site for the new church, and the pruhase was made from them. This house was pushed back fro the street, and was used for the parsonage. Through the help of all church members working together and supplementary funds received from First Methodist Church of Hickory as well as other financial help, the people were able to begin building.

Plans for the new church were drawn by a former pastor of First Methodist Church, the Reverend H. H. Jordan. The original trustees for the church were Mr. George F. Ivey, Chairman; Mr. J. A. Bowles; Mr. J. W. Shuford; and Mr. A. S. Abernathy.

Opera type seats for the church were donated by Mr. George F. Ivey and family. Among prominent contributors to the church from the First Methodist Church, in addition to Mr. George F. Ivey, were Mr. A. M. West, Mr. Clyde Herman, and Mr. J. W. Shuford. The buidlig was started in less than a year after the property was purchased. The basement was completed, and the first services were held in it during 1925.